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With over 3,000 COWORKING locations around the world, COWORKING is rapidly changing the way people work. Jump-start YOUR business at AltamontCowork in Downtown Tracy, CA. Serendipity happens. Creative. Coworking. Community

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AltamontCowork has many work space options for individuals and small businesses.

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Coworking is an office space / work space that is between a Cafe (like Starbucks) and an Executive Office.

AltamontCowork offers FREE coffee and screaming fast, Comcast Business Class, Internet access with FREE WiFi.

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Work Space Pictures & Videos

I take LOTS of pictures and videos of daily life at AltamontCowork. Go to this page to see us in action

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Coworkers talking about a new business

Starting a Small Business

At AltamontCowork over the past 5 years, I have seen all sorts of small business owners / wannabes come and go.  A few have succeeded, some struggle like crazy to make it, and some just think that having a business address, a web site, and a fancy office will ensure success.  This last bunch is […]

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Coworking vs an Office with Doors

What is the first thing you do when you start a small business? Among other things…….you look for an office. Right? Private Office Your vision of this really cool office with windows, a sweet desk, telephone, computer, Internet access, and your own coffee is almost a reality. You can’t wait to get started. The day arrives, […]

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sleep meet work

Sleep, Meet, Work

Although COWORKING locations are open, shared, office spaces, we realize that at– one time or another– EVERYONE needs a bit of privacy. At AltamontCowork we have THREE private rooms that can be used by any of our members when needed. The YELLOW office has comfy chairs, magazines, and a couch (to SLEEP on).   The […]

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distracted at home

Working at Home vs Coworking: LIFE BALANCE

In 1990, I was one of two people responsible for writing the “Telecommuting Plan” at Lawrence Livermore National Lab. Little did I know then how much “telecommuting” would change my life. In “telecommuting” I saw the perfect solution to many issues confronting society (and my own life).  Chief among them is what I always strove […]

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High Tech Start-Up in Tracy, CA

The vision I had 5 years ago when I opened AltamontCowork (or Tracy Virtual Office as it was known then) was as a high-tech office space for individuals starting companies close to Silicon Valley.  These people would use the COWORKING space at AltamontCowork as their start-up office space. With nothing more than their laptop, tablet, or […]

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Social Media Lunch and Learn May 14 2014

Lunch & Learn: Social Media for Small Business

On May 14, 2014 we held another free Lunch & Learn seminar at AltamontCowork.  The difference this time being:  I gave the lecture! I have been learning, and applying, “Social Media” since opening AltamontCowork 5 years ago as a means of trying to reach those people most interested in  affordable open collaborative office space. I […]

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