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As long as we are in business, and you remain loyal, your rent will NEVER increase.

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COWORKING: Teamwork for Small Businesses

You have started your small business in a really nice, fancy office, with a door. You pay $800 a month for a window with a view of the dentists office and bank.   If you wanted an office without that wonderful view, you could pay $600 per month, but, hell, you are going to be rich, so you might as well look the part. Perfection.  Right? Maybe not...More.

Working at Starbucks vs COWORKING

If you are a start-up or a small independent business (or telecommuter), you might not have the resources to rent a traditional (or virtual) office.  If that is true, you may choose to work at home (with all the distractions) or at your local cafe like....More.

COWORKING versus an Office With a Door

Your vision of this really cool office with windows, a sweet desk, telephone, computer, Internet access, and your own coffee is almost a reality. You can’t wait to get started. The day arrives, and you move into your new $600 per month, 10 x 10, office.  You bought a cool desk, ordered Internet service, bought a coffee maker, and ordered a telephone line.  Damn…all that stuff is expensive....More.

Tips for Starting a Small Business 

At AltamontCowork over the past 5 years, I have seen all sorts of small business owners / wannabes come and go.  A few have succeeded, some struggle like crazy...Here are a few tips for the serious small business start-up....More.

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Starting business on May 1, 2009,  Tracy Virtual Office changed its name a year later to better reflect what we do: Coworking for residents in:  California (CA) in San Joaquin County, Tracy, Mountain House, Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, Stockton, Modesto, Manteca, Brentwood, and more…. AltamontCowork has office work space for rent in Tracy, CA and offers meeting space for classes, presentations, seminars and other cool events.  FREE Coffee, FREE WiFi, No Contracts, 24 x 7 access.

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